Find a hand of bridge to play

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Please select the board you wish to play or your name for board analysis using one of the following methods:

If you are not a member of Swanmore or Meon Bridge Clubs and you use Bridgewebs for your web site click to produce a session analysis.

Method 1

Select the hand you want to play from one of these Swanmore sessions:
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Which board?
Select your name to list the boards where more tricks could have been made. Remember your name:


Method 2

If you have played at the Meon Bridge Club select the session when you played
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Method 4

To practise playing a contract, select the contract you want to play from the following options:

What is the level of the contract? 1   2   3   4   5   6   7  
Which is the suit?             NT
Which role do you want to take? Declarer   Defender