Application to Join Swanmore Bridge Club

We are pleased you would like to join our bridge club.

You will find the Constitution and Rules in the menu at the left hand side of our website's home page.

Please complete Your details and then follow the instructions below to send your application to the member who will propose you for membership.

If this process does not work for you please download and complete our Membership Application Form.

Your details

Your name:
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Your postcode:
Your home telephone:
Your mobile telephone:
Your EBU Number:

If you do not have an EBU number
we will obtain one for you.

The application email


Please click one of
  1. to send your application (see above) as an email to a member who will propose you. Clicking this button should open your email program. If your email program does not open then please use the second method and copy the application email text.
  2. to copy the text of your application email (see above) to the clipboard. You may then paste () the application into your email program. Please email it to the member who will propose you using the subject 'SBC - Application for Membership'.

When the secretary receives your application it will be emailed to the membership who may take two weeks to approve your membership.