A number of Tuition Modules have been developed, and continue to be developed, to provide guidance for Swanmore Bridge Club members on Acol Bidding. Some of them are for Basic Acol and some are to provide guidance on more advanced aspects of Acol. Each module consists of two components: -

Each of these Tuition Modules is available on this Website. Modules developed to date are: -
Basic Acol                                               Advanced Topic

Opener One-Level Bidding                     Transfers
Responses to One of a Suit Opening     Benjamin
Basic Suit Agreement                             Advanced Suit Agreement

The set of quizzes have been developed to complement the tuition. The commentary to the quiz answers have references to the tuition.   To try the quizzes click here.

You can download the complete set of tuition and quizzes by clicking here. This will download the file which you should unzip. If do not have anything to unzip a file then click here to get an evaluation copy of WinZip.  Once you have unzipped the files you should open this page which is called 'tuition.htm'.

The tuition in these Modules is based on Standard Acol as spelled out in the series “Bridge For All” - The Complete Learn and Play Programme from the English Bridge Union (EBU). Further information about this can be found on the EBU Website – To date (Nov 2004) there are nine books in this Series.


We have looked at the possibility of providing similar Tuition Modules on the play of the cards, as declarer and as defender, but have concluded that we recommend the Ron Klinger books, together with a book by David Bird on the play of No Trump contracts. The details of these books can be seen on the following page – Play Of The Cards.

If there are any questions or suggested amendments / corrections to these modules, please direct them to or