Swanmore Bridge Club Results

The club has held 941 sessions from 1 Oct 1998 to 17 Jan 2019. There are 15057 pairs of scores on the web site.

On this page are tables for Top Ten Players, Top Ten Master Points Per Session, Top Ten Attendees, and Average Number of Tables per Month.

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Top Ten Partnership Scores

These are the highest scores in a session from 1 Oct 1998 to 17 Jan 2019.

1505778.57Barry Tobutt & Dave Goodlake17 Oct 2013
1505678.17Dave Ross & Dave Goodlake25 Nov 1999
1505577.27Mike McMorran & Barry Tobutt8 Jul 2010
1505476.67Dave Goodlake & Jon Stredwick24 Sep 2015
1505376.49Ian Borrow & Liz Borrow22 Sep 2016
1505276.04Christine Ray & Richard Ray20 Dec 2018
1505174.92Lilias Lamont & Lesley Lewis17 Dec 2015
1505074.86Barry Mitchell & Dave Ross3 Apr 2014
1504974.74Dave Goodlake & Ray Andrews4 Jun 2015
1504873.84Mac Lowcock & Richard Ray8 May 2014