We have looked at the possibility of providing similar Tuition Modules on the play of the cards, as declarer and as defender, but have concluded that we can do no better than recommend the Ron Klinger books, together with a book by David Bird on the play of No Trump contracts.


For the basic elements of play of the cards, the following Klinger book provides guidance and has a number of quizes: -

For more advanced play of the cards, the follow-up Klinger book is very comprehensive and again provides a number of quizes to make it more interesting: -

We believe that a book by David Bird, Hampshire’s Bridge Guru, is particularly good for the play of No Trump contracts. It is certainly more advanced than Ron Klinger's “Basic Bridge” and we believe it is better and more comprehensive than the chapters on this topic in Klinger's “Guide to Better Card Play” - it has lots of new tips even for the more skilful player. It is: -

At present (Nov 2040), Amazon have a special offer at 6-99 for each of the Klinger books – website address