There are two groups of five teams. Each group will play a round-robin. The winner of each group will play for the Swanmore Cup, the second placed will play for the Plate. Two points for a win, one for a draw (no need to play further boards) and zero for a loss. If points are shared, then the winner, and second is based on the total number of IMPs scored. Substitutes are permitted but the substitute may not have played for one of the other teams. The substitute will have a handicap based on the NGS ranking as of 6 October 2019. Each match will consist of 24 boards, with 12 boards being played against each of the opposition's pairs. Please send results to the organiser.

Since there will be four matches to be played it is best to start booking as soon as posible. It is recommended that all teams should play one match every two months. In the following table the rows represent which teams are the Home team and which are the Away team. For example when Team 1 plays Team 3, Team 3 are the home team.

Team 1 HomeAwayHomeAway
Team 2Away HomeAwayHome
Team 3HomeAway HomeAway
Team 4AwayHomeAway Home
Team 5HomeAwayHomeAway 

In the final and the plate matches, the lower number is the home team. Teams drawn on Sunday, 6 October were (handicaps are in parentheses as of 6 October) :-

Group One

Team 1 (+32) - Richard Green-Wilkinson (-4), Ann Green-Wilkinson (4), Simon Pelley(16*), Rachel Pelley(16*)
Team 2 (+64) - Jackie Kershaw(16*), Marcus Kershaw(16*), Hazel Kellett(16*), Linda Eales(16*)
Team 3 (-4) - Graham Lawrence (-4), Jane Lawrence (8), Tony Flood (-4), Maggie Flood(-4)
Team 4 (-8) - Georgina Erskine (0), Gill Flexon (0), Edward Wilmott (-4), Margo Glover (-4)
Team 5 (+8) - Tricia Hill (8), Peter Childs (-4), Pauline Bentote (0), Brian Wood (4)

Group Two

Team 1 (-28) - Barry Mitchell (-8), Jon Streedwick (-12), Dave Ross (-8), Margaret Gale (0)
Team 2 (-12) - Karl Turner (-8), Laurence Welford(-4), Nick Lowe (0), John Utting (0)
Team 3 (+12) - Denise Lord (4), Pauline Forrest (0), Nicky Giles (4), Franky Watkins (4)
Team 4 (0) - Liz Borrow (-8), Ian Borrow (-8), Dale Hinton(8), Sarah Smallwood(8)
Team 5 (-24) - Gill Howard (-4), Tim Howard (-12), Adrian Rutter (-4), Bev Rutter (-4)

Please note that handicaps with * are assessments as the players have not got NGS ratings

The first two qualifying round-robin matches should be played by the end of February 2020.

The Results

Group One
Team 1 (+32) HomeAwayHomeAway
Team 2 (+48)Away HomeAwayHome
Team 3 (-4)HomeAway HomeAway
Team 4 (-8)AwayHomeAway Home
Team 5 (+8)HomeAwayHomeAway 

Group Two
Team 1 (-28) HomeAwayHomeAway
Team 2 (-12)Away HomeAwayHome
Team 3 (+12)HomeAway HomeAway
Team 4 (0)AwayHomeAway Home
Team 5 (-24)HomeAwayHomeAway 

The Handicaps

The way the handicaps have been calculated is as follows:
  1. The NGS grade was obtained from the EBU site on 6 October 2019.
  2. IMPs are calculated according to the 'card' grade: