Soberton Shield 2018 Rules and Guidance

WHEN: 5 January, 9 February, 2 March (cancelled - held in May), 13 April, 11 May, 5 October, 2 November.

WHERE: At the Soberton Village Hall. Table money is £2.00 per player including tea/coffee and biscuits.


  1. The competition is for nine teams only with each team consisting of six players.
  2. All teams to have a playing name (assigned by the team) and a team number (assigned by the organisers).
  3. Each player will be assigned an individual handicap, based on their NGS grade as at the date of play. These will be as follows: 2 +16, 3 +8, 4 +8, 5 +4, 6 +4, 7 0, 8 -4, 9 -4, T -8, J -8, Q -12, K -16, A -20. In the absence of an NGS ranking, players will be asked to disclose their percentage on these dates. For those with no ranking, handicaps will be assigned commensurate with playing experience.The handicap of each team will be calculated on this basis.
  4. Each team will field 4 players to play on the evening. There are no restrictions on which 4 players can play on any night.
  5. Any team unable to field 4 of their chosen 6 shall be entitled to bring in a player who has not previously played for any other team. The substitute does not become a permanent member of the team. The handicap of the substitute player shall be the NGS percentage as on the date of play.
  6. The Captain of each team to disclose to no later than 9am on the Friday of play, the identities of the players for that week.
  7. Any team not fielding 4 players shall be assigned the lowest score of the evening minus 1.


  1. Please arrive at 6.45pm to help set up for a 7pm start.

    It is felt that the burden of administering the evening has not been taken up evenly and for the coming year there will be a rota. On each date a member of the Meon committee will open and close the Hall. The Hall will be opened at 18.30. There are in essence three jobs for each evening of play. These are:

    A. Setting up. Nine tables will need to be set up with chairs, cloths, bidding boxes and scorecards. The Meon committee member opening up will unlock the cupboard containing the equipment and the chairs, cloths and tables are in the cupboard to the left of the stage.
    B. Catering. This involves setting out the tea cups, biscuits etc. and putting on the urn and immersion heater. There will always be 36 players. The role also involves serving the tea and coffee overseeing washing up and putting away as well as emptying the urn and turning off the immersion.
    C. Putting away. The chairs and tables need to be stacked neatly in the main cupboard and the rest of the equipment put away in the Meon cupboards. If the curtains are drawn these need to be opened and any open windows to be closed.
    NOTE: although these roles are assigned in the rota below, it is hoped that all players will assist as normal. Many hands make light work ! Dummies will be asked to wash up after the break as usual. The rota is as follows. The numbers are the number of the team:
            A   B   C
    Jan.    1   2   3
    Feb.    4   5   6
    Mar.    7   8   9
    Apr.    2   3   1
    Oct.    5   6   4
    Nov.    8   9   7
  2. A list showing team names and numbers will be on the table immediately outside the hall.
  3. When the 9 tables have been set up please, as a team, go and sit at the table corresponding to your team number, make up the 3 boards and insert the travellers and curtain cards. Complete the curtain cards as you will not be playing these boards.
  4. Please put table money of £1.50 per person on the table.
  5. During play, the North/South pair will move clockwise to the next table and the East/West pair will move anticlockwise.
  6. When the 3 boards have been played, agree the scores with your opponents. All players must complete a score card to facilitate accurate scoring for your team.
  7. To provide others with some interest please enter your score on the traveller using your team number.
  8. Leave the boards on the table in the order they are to be played.
  9. A break for refreshments for about 15 minutes will be held after the 5th round. Since there will always be full tables would all players please be prepared to assist with serving and washing up, with dummies finishing off after the break.
  10. After having played each of the other 8 teams you should return to your original table.
  11. Please use IMPS to score your matches but do NOT apply the handicaps. Scoring should be done in pairs so that errors are limited - North and East, South and West.
  12. Please tell the director your total IMPS score. Captains for the evening should keep the four score cards for their team until the Director is satisfied that all of the scores tally.
  13. Once you have agreed and given your score to the Director you should strip the boards and place the curtain cards on the hatch shelf.
  14. Please do not leave the room until the director has announced that the total of all teams' scores equals zero.
  15. The scores and board composer analysis where applicable will be entered into the web page where a copy of these rules may be found.

Team members, team numbers and team names

Tim Howard (1 - Lord, Ladies and Gentlemen) 
Gill Howard 
Pauline Forrest 
Denise Lord 
Joanna Carter 
Roger Carter 
Maggie Flood 
Nigel Tay (2 - Five Queens and a Knave) 
Jane Tay 
Sue Carpenter 
Sarah Smallwood 
Jane Newman 
Toni Bridgman 
Joan Clarke 
Graham Lawrence (3 - Six Hearts) 
Jane Lawrence 
Richard Green-Wilkinson 
Anne Green-Wilkinson 
Ian Borrow 
Liz Borrow 
Adrian Rutter (4 - Overcallers) 
Bev Rutter 
John Utting 
Nick Lowe 
Jo Croucher 
Trevor Croucher 
Ken Barrand 
Gill Flexon (5 - Acolytes) 
Sue Lowe 
Edward Willmott 
Margo Glover 
Georgina Erskine 
Rita Johnson 
Jennifer Privett (6 - Ruffs) 
Pat Prestwich 
Katie Munnoch 
Georgina Boase 
Carole O'Neill 
Maggie Warren 
Franky Watkins 
Paddy Wainwright 
Neil Goulding 
Val Watts (7 - Waltham Wanderers) 
Peter Childs 
Val Newman 
John Newman 
Teri Morley 
Margaret Beardsley 
Tony Allen 
Phil Bird 
Pauline Bentote (8 - Sparkling Diamonds) 
Brian Wood 
Judy Naylor 
Mark Baylis 
Ann Judd 
Sharon Holland 
Dave Goodlake (9 - Mismatched) 
Anne Wernick 
Simon Wernick 
George Lowe 
Tricia Hill 
Phil Johnston 
Penny Blake